Health Legislation at the Second Funnel

Health Legislation at the Second Funnel

March 15 marks the end of the Iowa Legislature’s second funnel: the deadline for policy bills to pass through one legislative chamber and a committee in the second one. Tax and appropriation bills are exempt from the funnel, as are leadership bills. Here is the status of health and/or safety legislation on which the Iowa-AAP registered a position.


Bills That Advanced


Safe Haven: On March 12, the Iowa House gave final approval and sent to the Governor SF 360, which expands options for parents to legally abandon their newborns without being charged for abandonment. The Governor is expected to sign this legislation. For more on Iowa’s Safe Haven law and this bill, see this blog post.


Abuse of opioid prescription drugs: Legislation to curtail prescription shopping in opioids and enhance Iowa’s Prescription Monitoring Program (HF 2377) now awaits final Senate passage.  See this blog post for more on this bill.


Pharmacy immunizations and Vaccinations: Under SF 2322, which awaits final House action,after the development of statewide protocols, pharmacies can begin administering certain vaccinations or immunizations, including:


(1) For adults: naloxone, Tdap, nicotine replacement products, and other immunization or vaccinations recommended by the CDC for travel or as part of an approved schedule for adults

(2) For those 12 and older: the second and third doses of the HPV vaccine.


In a statement shared at its February 28 legislative breakfast, the Iowa-AAP expressed concerns over expanded pharmacy vaccination of youth because of the potential adverse impact on youth seeking health care and problems with tracking pharmacy administration of vaccines.


Student athlete concussions: Awaiting final Senate action, HF 2442 calls for several actions to reduce the effects and recurrence of concussions in school sports, including: developing training materials for coaches and guidelines for school personnel and families; establishing rules governing returning to play following a concussion; and providing protective gear to students.


 Bills That Failed to Advance


Mandatory reporter training and child welfare reform: Separate bills sought to establish work groups to improve Iowa’s child welfare system failed to advance beyond the funnel. SF 2300 called for a work group to identify how to improve training for mandatory reporters of child or dependent adult abuse. HF 2353 asked for one to examine policies and protocols in multiple features of Iowa’s child protection system.


Recipient work requirements: Separate House (HF 2428) and Senate (SF 2370) bills conditioning Medicaid eligibility on meeting work requirements failed to advance beyond the committee level. The more punitive Senate bill also imposed work and other requirements on those receiving SNAP (Food Stamps) and Family Investment Program (FIP) benefits. Iowa-AAP expressed its disapproval of both bills to legislators attending its Feb. 28 breakfast. 

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